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What I hate the most about 50SOG it’s the fact that in presents “kinky” like a sinonymn of “broken”, or bad. It adds a value that kink doesn’t have or is irrelevant, that is the dichotomy “Kinky = Bad, Romantic = Good”.

Bitch, please. I can engage in light BDSM and dominance foreplay, wich I enjoy greatly, and STILL live a full romantic relationship outside the bed, and I’m not sick, nor have had a terrible backstory to “justify” my kinks.

Also, Christian Gray is a fucking rapist. Don’t tell me otherwhise. And that’s NOT domicance foreplay, and it’s not BDSM.

How I fucking despice that book.


It’s here. Thanks, fiftyshadesthemovie.

My thoughts, in the order I had them:

  1. What are ‘appropriate audiences’? What are they going to rate this movie?
  2. Dakota Johnson has got jumpy and nervous down pat.
  3. This…sure looks like Fifty Shades of Grey. We’ve got the blonde secretaries, Ana’s awkward clothing and generally awkward existence, and we’ve even got an actor for Christian Grey who looks okay in a suit but has an astoundingly boring face.
  4. This still looks creepy. Really creepy.
  5. The trailer is appropriately naked. Or perhaps inappropriately naked. Point is, it’s the right amount of naked for a book in which the people spend most of their time naked.
  6. Those moans at the end are real subtle and classy, just like Fifty Shades itself.

Don’t try to make it like a profound romance with good music.


is Twilight

all over again.

Even the idiot that does CreppyFaceGray looks like Pattinson in character.

This will be a disaster. I will see it just to laugh out loud, like in New Moon.


important otp headcanons to consider

  • who wakes up one morning to find the other passed away in their sleep
  • alright goodnight guys i’ll see you in hell









IMPORTANT: So they had these cards in the women’s restrooms at this doctor’s office that I was at. I’m really happy that they put them in there because it makes it easier for a woman to escape an abusive relationship without the abuser expecting anything. It gives me hope when I see things like this.

Oh yes, because women are never abusers.

I never said that they can’t/ aren’t. I’m well aware that some women are. I was just trying to talk about a positive thing that I found in a restroom. Don’t turn my post into something that it’s not. God fucking damn it, it’s like you can’t talk about something positive on this site without someone trying to ruin it or twist the original posters words.

Thank you so much for the positive post, and the VERY true words at the asshole commenting on your post. This is the exact reason why I don’t like this website sometimes. Christ.

If you have to qualify Situation A with “but Situation B happens, too,” do you actually give a shit about Situation B? Or are you looking for ways to derail Situation A?


40% of domestic violence is experienced by men, do you suppose they also put these cards in the men’s restroom?

Wouldn’t seeing these cards in the restroom alert abusers that there were probably the same cards in the other gender restroom, possibly making them more violent and cutting off their partner even more from resources that could help them?

This seems ill thought out. Unless, of course, they are only in the women’s restroom. In which case they are ignoring 40% of domestic violence victims. I wonder why.

getting really tired of this 40% myth and how frequently everyone scrambles to believe it because they want to look reasonable and fair.

While some people may believe that there is a higher reported incidence of women experiencing violence by their male partners due to men underreporting when they are victims, the reality is the opposite. In 2008, 72 percent of the intimate partner violence against males and 49 percent of the intimate partner violence against females was reported to police.Catalano, Smith, Snyder, & Rand (2009). Bureau of Justice Statistics Selected Findings: Female Victims of Domestic Violence. U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, NCJ 228356.

Researcher Elspeth McInnes…  recounts some of her research that showed that when men talked about women’s violence against men, some cited abuse as not having a hot meal on the table, not having the children bathed before bed, or women spending money on gambling or shopping. At the more severe end of the spectrum, they nominated verbal and emotional violence as abuse. Then, a tiny minority documented physical abuse, and an even smaller minority named sexual abuse. 

“Women were talking about being run over, being drugged and raped at knifepoint, having their children dangled over high rise balconies till they did as they were told and of course you get verbal and emotional violence,” says McInnes. “When we were talking about physical violence against men, one of the worst examples was that she banged his head with the cupboard door – which isn’t good – but the sheer level of fear, harm and terror that women talked about was simply not present in what the men’s data showed.” 

The vast majority of domestic assaults are committed by men. Even when men are victimized, 10% are assaulted by another man. In contrast, only 2% of women who are victimized are assaulted by another woman.2

Two studies have found that at least 40% of police officer families experience domestic violence, (1, 2) in contrast to 10% of families in the general population.(3) A third study of older and more experienced officers found a rate of 24% (4), indicating that domestic violence is 2-4 times more common among police families than American families in general.

in conclusion while domestic abuse hotlines in men’s bathrooms would be great too, women are the majority of victims of violent, life-threatening domestic abuse by a lot more than 40%, and men are still the majority of perpetrators of violent, life threatening domestic abuse, even to other men and boys. this is not a remotely equivalent situation.

using abused men and boys to prop up the myth that women abuse men right back nearly as much is toxic, abhorrent nonsense. we need to cut it the fuck out. 

jadesnap said: roach i just wanna thank you for replying to that post debunking that 40% of abusers are women thing cause ive been hearing it so much lately and it always just seems to be used to derail the conversation and now i know how to respond, haha. thanks!


respond with FACTS. it’s just absolutely not true. hell, even the also-common myth of women being 40% of rapists isn’t true either. it was debunked by the same organization that provided the (maliciously misinterpereted) study in the first place.

also shout out to David Futrelle at wehuntedthemammoth.com, he’s a stand up gent who runs a great—if nauseatingly depressing— blog that goes after MRA misogyny. if you’ve got the stomach for it, it’s great to watch him go. 

William Beckett is the most precious boy in this universe, but what was his band again?

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canada looks really broken


u ok canada

We are slowly trying to distance ourselves from the US…piece by piece.

be free


They’re not real bros until they suggest a song for your fanfic

I can have a breakdown a minute and at the next I want to talk about Matsuoka Rin’s ass and how beautifull it is, I have no inbetweens and have to restrain myself because my train of though is messed up


we’re not gonna talk about how a show with a woc lead in an asian-influenced world is getting stomped over for a show about a talking sponge?